1/4 Beef Package (2024)

1/4 Beef Package (2024)

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2024 Bulk Beef Purchasing Program



Beef will be ready for pick-up in Fall 2024

Total Cost: $875


Does the idea of a freezer stocked full of premium beef sound like a dream?  Are you looking for the convenience of always having beef on hand? Have you thought about purchasing a quarter or half of beef, but the entire buying process seems a little confusing or intimidating? Then the Wells Farms Bulk Beef Purchasing Program is just what you are looking for.

Buying a quarter or half of beef can be intimidating if you have never done it before, with all of the cut sheets, contacting the butcher, hanging weights, butcher and farmer costs, etc. In an effort to eliminate your confusion and stress, we have streamlined the buying process to make stocking your freezer a simple process.  There are no more confusing cut sheets to fill out, no ambiguous final prices because you don’t know the weight of the animal when purchasing, no more having to contact the butcher with cut specifications and to make pick up and payment arrangements, no more wondering exactly what cuts and how much you will receive.

The Wells Farms Bulk Beef Purchasing Program eliminates all those steps as we have put together a quarter beef package that is priced clearly and clearly identifies the exact quantities of beef you will receive.

 Total Cost: $875

In a ¼ Beef Package from Wells Farms you will receive:

40 lbs Ground Beef

1 Brisket (3-4 lb)

3 Sirloin Steaks

2 Porterhouse Steaks*

4 T-Bone Steaks*

6 Ribeye Steaks

1 Skirt Steak

1 Flank Steak

4 Short Ribs 

6 Beef Shanks/Soup Bones

5 Chuck Roasts

2 Rump Roasts

2 Sirloin Tip Roasts


*Depending on availability we may substitute these bone in steaks for NY Strip Steaks. 


OFFAL (optional – Please select from the drop-down box if you would like the offal or would like to skip it in your box)


Beef Tongue

Beef Liver

Beef Heart


* Our inventory constantly changes, and certain cuts may be out of stock from time to time. We will substitute with a cut that is of equal or higher value if this occurs. If you are opposed to substitutions, please let us know in the comments at checkout.



Here are a few things you may be curious about when considering purchasing beef in bulk



The total cost for a 1/4 beef package is $875

A non-refundable deposit of $250 required at the time of reserving your quarter beef order.  When you reserve your quarter of beef with a deposit the remaining balance of $625 is due when picking up your beef. You have the option to secure your order by paying in full ($875) at the time of ordering or making a non-refundable deposit. Payments can be made online via credit card or made in person via check or cash. 

Why are deposits required?

Non-refundable deposits are required at the time of reserving your half or quarter beef order.  We only have a limited number of beef available for quarters and halves each year, therefore, to make sure have enough available we require a deposit when ordering.  The deposit will be deducted from your final balance due when you pick up your beef order. 

When will the Beef be ready?

We will begin taking reservations for 2024 Bulk Beef Purchasing Program orders from previous customers starting February 1, 2024.  The beef will be ready for your freezer in Fall 2024. Why can’t we give an exact date?  Cattle, just like humans, grow at different rates, therefore predicting an exact date they will be ready for market at this time is hard to do.  As we approach summer, we will be able to give you a closer estimate of when you can expect your beef.   

Receiving your beef?

When your beef is cut and packaged by the butcher, we will arrange to pick up your beef from the butcher and you will receive an email or phone call from us notifying you that your beef is ready for pick up from the farm during a specified time. It is important that you pick up your beef during the specified time, as we don't have the freezer capacity to store it for you.


We understand this process differs from previous years and you may have some questions.  Please feel free to reach out via email (wellsfarmsbeef@gmail.com) or phone (608-444-2100) with any questions you may have.  We are happy to help guide you through the process.