On-Farm Shopping

Wells Farms Farm Store in Rio - Buy local meats near Madison, Wisconsin


Welcome to Wells Farms On-Farm Store!

At Wells Farms, we're dedicated to bringing the highest quality meats directly from our farm to your table. Our on-farm Farm Store is your go-to destination for premium beef and pork, ensuring that your family enjoys the most delicious and nutritious meals possible.

Why Choose Wells Farms Meats?

  1. Straight from the Source: When you shop at our Farm Store, you're getting meats raised and grown right here on our farm. We take pride in the quality and care we put into raising our animals, ensuring that you receive top-notch meats every time.

  2. Family-Owned and Operated: Our Farm Store is manned by us, the Wells family. Just like you, we lead active and busy lives, but we're committed to providing you with the best service and meats possible. While our store has select open days due to our lifestyle, we're always available by appointment to accommodate your needs.

  3. Premium Selection: We offer a vast selection of premium beef and pork cuts to suit all your culinary needs. From juicy steaks to savory roasts, we have everything you need to create memorable meals for your family and friends.

Visit Us Soon!

Ready to experience the difference that Wells Farms meats can make in your meals? Plan your visit to our Farm Store today! While our open days may vary, we're always happy to schedule an appointment to ensure you get the meats you need when it's convenient for you.

Location and Hours

  • Address: W4628 Hall Road, Rio, WI 53960
  • Upcoming Open Days
    • Tuesday, July 2nd - 4PM - 7PM
    • Tuesday, July 9th - 4PM - 7PM
    • Tuesday, July 16th - 4PM - 7PM
    • Tuesday, July 23rd - CLOSED 
    • Tuesday, July 30th - 4PM - 7PM
  • By Appointment: We're available by appointment to accommodate your schedule. Please contact us at 608-444-2100 or info@wellsfarmsbeef.com to schedule a visit.

We can't wait to welcome you to Wells Farms and share our passion for high-quality meats with you and your family!