1/2 or Whole Hog

1/2 or Whole Hog

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We are excited to add an additional premium animal protein to our product line up with Wells Farms Premium Pork.  Wells Farm Premium Pork is now available for deposit for 1/2 or whole hog.

A deposit of $150 is due at the time of reserving your 1/2 hog.  The remaining balance will be due at the time of processing. To place a reservation for a whole hog, add two - 1/2 hog to your cart to purchase.

Prices are based on Hanging Weight.  The cost of a pig is $3.25/lb hanging weight, plus processing fees.  Weight estimate is 80-100 lbs per half. Weights are an estimate, as every animal weighs differently.

Pigs will be processed in September at Stoddards in Cottage Grove and will need to be picked up at their facility.  You will pay Stoddards for processing when you pick up your pork.  Processing charges are $0.60/lb plus $50 slaughter charge per head.  There are additional charges based on cut selection.

Processing form/cut sheet can be found HERE