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Wells Farms Premium Beef - Beef Veggie Soup - Locally raised beef in Madison, Wisconsin
I don't know about you but I gave up on New Year's resolutions years ago and decided to set yearly goals instead.  Same thing you say?  Well, I would have to disagree.  Resolutions are just the intention to do or not do something that year - "I will eat healthy, workout, lose weight, etc."  I feel a goal, on the other hand, means taking the time to set a measurable intention, plan how you will achieve it, and take realistic action steps to meet those goals.  Well this year, I set a goal to better serve you, our customers and one way I set out to do that was to let you taste our beef for free!  This year on the first Saturday of every month we will be holding 'Sample Saturday' at the Sun Prairie Farmers Market.


Wells Farms Sample Saturday - Beef Veggie Soup at the Sun Prairie Farmers Market


January 5, 2019, was the first 'Sample Saturday' of the year and we had such a great turnout!  To kick off a year of samples I thought we would sample our Soup Bones.  Soup Bones is a cut that is usually pretty affordable but often overlooked and underestimated!  I utilized the soup bones to make a pretty darn tasty (if I do have to say so myself) beef veggie soup.  And I think those of you who came and tasted agreed because I got several messages and comments asking for the recipe.  

It really is a simple recipe.  Pretty much a dump everything into the crockpot kind of recipe.  The most difficult part is that you have to put the veggies in about 1/2 way through cooking, which can make timing it kind of tricky when you are at work.  But my solution to that is, is to cook it on a day when you are home and refrigerate to use throughout the week.  Soup is always better the next day anyway.  
Hope you enjoy this recipe! (Maybe enjoy a bowl of it while you are crossing off all those goals you are smashing so far in 2019! ;) )

We would love for you to give it a try and let us know what you think.  Shoot us an email, send us a picture, post a pic on our Facebook page, tag us on Instagram (@wellsfarmsbeef) or Facebook (@wellsfarmsbeefwi) or pin it on Pinterest.  Happy Eating!

From our Family to yours,

Sarah Wells

Wells Farms

Wells Farms Beef Veggie Soup with Wells Farms Soup Bones - Locally Grown Beef on a small family farm in Madison, Wisconsin

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