What's in my bag for January?

Wells Farms Winter 2022/2023 Meat CSA Share Contents


Month 2 - January 2023

Your CSA program has been carefully designed to pair each month's contents with the season and special events/holidays happening that month.  With it being the depths of winter - slow cooking, comfort foods what we had in mind for you this month.

About the Cuts...


Picnic Shoulder Roast - Pork shoulder goes by several names different names.  Some you may have seen at your local grocery store including picnic roast, picnic shoulder, pork shoulder. This cut comes from above the leg of the pig, which is a heavily used muscle, therefore improper cooking could lead to a tough cut of meat.  This cut benefits from a low, slow cooking method to lead to a tender, flavorful cut of meat. It can be sliced or shredded once cooked. Optimal cooking methods include slow cooking, roasting, braising.  

Smoked Ham Steak/Slice - In the same way a New York strip steak is cut from the beef short loin, a ham steak is cut from a whole ham roast, which is part of the shank bone. It can be boneless or bone-in; a ham steak with the bone will be less expensive, but more difficult to slice into evenly shaped pieces. Ham steak can be cooked whole or cut into cubes and added to casseroles, soups, and egg dishes. It most often is sold raw, so be sure to cook it, which will only take a few minutes, before adding to a recipe. source: The Spruce Eats

Italian Sausage Brats
- Sausage is seasoned ground pork and comes from a variety of pork cuts - can include hams, loin, butt, shoulder, etc. These Italian flavored brats are Italian sausage in a casing. They are great to grill up and eat on a bun with peppers and onions or add to your favorite pasta dishes.  Popular cooking methods for these brats include grilling, roasting, sautéing, and stewing. When cooking sausage, cook to an internal temperature of 160° F to ensure doneness.

Ground Pork - A virtual freezer staple.  Ground pork is versatile as it soaks up any flavor you add to it with spices and sauces.  Change up some of your favorite recipes by swapping out other ground meats for ground pork.  No Italian sausage or breakfast sausage on hand? No problem! Just flavor your own!  Optimal cooking methods are pretty much anything! Grill, roast/bake, pan-broil/skillet, braise/pot roast, broil, smoke is just a few to name.


Rump Roast - The rump roast is a boneless, leaner roast which is ideal for a method of cooking that is slow.  A great Sunday or holiday roast.  This cut comes from the area of the rump and hind legs.  These muscles are used from movement which lends to leaner and less tender cuts.  Cuts from this area are typically roasts, steaks for marinating or ground beef.  Optimal cooking methods include braise/pot roast and roast/bake.

Skirt Steak - This long and very thin cut is known for its robust flavor profile.  It is the perfect cut to marinate and grill hot for fajitas or use for stir -fry or slice for salads. Skirt steaks come from the Plate Primal which is the section right under the rib primal and tends to have higher fat content.  It is also the home of short ribs and ground beef.  Slicing beef against the grain is always important, but even more so for thin, course cuts such as the Skirt Steak.  Optimal cooking methods include grill, pan-broil/skillet or broil.

Sirloin Steak
 - Sirloin steaks are a flavorful cut that is versatile and juicy.  It is a bit leaner than the ribeye or other premium steaks but just as delicious when served as a steak, cut into kabobs or steak tips. Sirloin steaks come from the Sirloin Primal near the middle rear of the beef.  Optimal cooking methods include grill, pan-broil/skillet, stir-fry, broil, smoke, sous vide.

Cross Cut Beef Shanks/Soup Bones
 - Cross Cut Beef Shanks or also known as Soup Bones are a portion of the leg. With this area being used extensively for movement which lends these cross cut sections best for braised dishes, like Osso Buco or for beef stock and soups.  Optimal cooking methods include braise/pot roast or pressure cooker.

Ground Beef
 - A favorite by all and a freezer staple.  Versatility and rich flavor make ground beef beef's most popular item.  It is perfect for burgers, tacos, casseroles, and everything in-between. Optimal cooking methods are pretty much anything! Grill, roast/bake, pan-broil/skillet, braise/pot roast, broil, smoke are just a few to name.

**Information source www.beefitswhatsfordinner.com and the Cattlemen's Beef Board, National Cattlemen's Beef Association, National Pork Board, and Meat Illustrated.

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