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We surround ourselves with experts. Those that help to guide us and answer our questions. Experts we can trust, experts that we know will shoot it to us straight and not take advantage of us. These relationships often develop over time and as they become our go to source for information. They become the ones we ask when we see something online that we just aren't too sure about or the ones we ask when some new method, product, or service comes along that we just want to know if it’s the real deal or not, and when it is time to make a big purchase they are the ones we ask for advice to make sure we are getting the most bang for our buck and getting the best product we can buy.

These experts come in all forms...

Plumbing questions? You call your trusted plumber. The one that has worked for your parents for years, you know the one that doesn't over charge you for the basics.  They are the ones that even tell you how to fix something simple as not to charge you to come out for something you can do yourself.

Your car acts up and you consult the mechanic that you have always went to. The one that will fix the actual problem you are having and not other things that "could" be wrong.

That 8-year-old laptop just isn’t cutting it anymore, so its time to bite the bullet and buy a new one.  You contact your friend or relative that makes their living in IT.  You ask them for advice on which brand, how much memory you need, etc.  After all they are the expert, they know this stuff forwards and backwards, so why spend the time trying to do ALL of the research when you can just ask them for some advice, right?

It's time to visit the doctor and you don't just jump from family doctor to family doctor because you have a relationship with the one you have been seeing for years. You trust them to take care of you, just as they would take care of their family member.

An issue has come up and you need to consult a lawyer. You don't just go through the phone book calling all the numbers now do you? No, because if you didn't already have a lawyer, you get a referral from a friend or family member that trusts the one, they use. A lawyer that can relate to you, knows what you are going through, and isn't there to take advantage of you.

Now what about your food? Who are your expert(s)? Who are your farmers? Who can you trust to share the facts about food production? Who are the farmers that you develop a relationship with and trust that they are raising food that you want to feed your family? Who are the farmers that allow you to visit their farm, ask them questions (no matter how silly you think they are), can explain their products and how to use them?  Who are those that you can ask for advice on how to prepare a brisket or which roast you would use for this or for that?

We all have experts in our lives that help with our surroundings, but who are the experts that you trust that are taking care of the food that you put into your body and the bodies of your loved ones...

Maybe it’s time we all find these experts to have in our lives too.  So who is your farmer?


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We would love the opportunity to be your farmers.  Want to get to know us, how we raise premium beef, our backstory? Reach out! We can meet you for a cup of coffee or schedule a time for you to visit us on the farm.  Part of the reason we started this business is to connect you to the actual people raising your food.  If after we chat, we aren't your farmers, that's ok.  There are a lot of farmers out there, so please connect with one in your local area and let them be your expert.  We want all of you to find your own expert, your local source for information and advice on local food and how to use it best.

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