Wells Farms Recipe Challenge

Wells Farms Recipe Challenge


How the Wells Farms Recipe Challenge Works:

1. Check your email and get in the kitchen!

Starting Monday, January 20th (and then the next 5 Mondays after that) you will receive an email with your weekly recipe or cooking challenge.  Not every week will be the same.  Some weeks you may receive a specific recipe to make, you may have a type of meal to make, etc.  We will change it up each week.  Use the challenge provided and get in the kitchen and start creating!

2. Snap and Share!

Each week you will take a photo of your culinary creation and share it by Sunday 11:59 pm (CST) before your next challenge arrives on Monday.  

You can share your photo on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #wellsfarmsrecipechallenge. (Make sure your privacy is set to public so we can see your hard work!) or share it in our Wells Farms Customer Community Facebook group (not a member? join here).

Not on social media? It's ok! You can send us your photo directly at wellsfarmsbeef@gmail.com

3. Win!! 

You can be entered to win some great prizes! Your shared photos with the #wellsfarmsrecipechallenge will earn you points.  Each point will enter your name into a drawing for prizes.  The more points, the more times your name will be entered to win prizes.

Ways you can earn points - Each weekly challenge photo creation using #wellsfarmsrecipechallenge will earn you a point.  

To earn extra points:
- Tag our social page in your post (Instagram: @wellsfarmsbeef or Facebook: @wellsfarmsbeefwi)
- Verify you used a Wells Farms Beef product in your challenge
- Make a purchase online or at the Farmers Market during the challenge (January 20th - March 1st and let us know you are a part of the challenge at the time of purchase) and earn 5 extra points

** You can earn a point right now before the challenge has even started by posting the photo above and that you have "Accepted the Wells Farms Recipe Challenge".  Make sure to tag us and have your privacy on the post set to public so we can see it and credit you your point!

If you have any questions throughout the Challenge feel free to email me anytime at wellsfarmsbeef@gmail.com.  

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