1/2 Beef (Deposit)

1/2 Beef (Deposit)

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2019 Bulk Beef Purchasing Program is SOLD OUT! 

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Beef will be ready for pick-up late summer/early fall 2019

Looking for more than just a bundle of beef? Want to have your beef cut to your specifications? Then ordering a half beef is just for you!

When you select this option of purchasing beef, you are in control of the cuts you receive.  We can help guide you and answer any questions that you have in this process.

Pre-order your 1/2 of beef which will be ready for pick up from the farm or can be delivered in late summer/early fall 2019. Price is $3.25/lb hanging weight including your processing fee.

The $400 price reflects the deposit required when ordering.  The remainder will be due what the cattle are processed and a final price is determined based on weight.

 Please feel free to contact us regarding this purchase option if you have any questions.